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Unusual animal friendship: dog and lamb play together

Photo: Screenshot / lindfox

Best friends

Animal fun! This dog carries an unusual animal friendship with a lamb. The best friends play happily together in the garden.

It is said that opposites attract. At least it arouses the interest, if something or someone is different than oneself. With this unequal pair of dog and lamb the interest is based on reciprocity.

The unusual animal friendship proves that love can overcome all differences. Because this dog has found a new best friend with the lamb. The animals play together and play in the garden. Although the little lamb is still so young, his legs are already much longer than those of the dog. That's why the dog is not less fast, take turns chasing friends over the meadow.

The owner films his lamb, Tansy, as he meets his Corgi, who is actually called Fashion. Tansy and Fashion love each other right away. The joy of their new animal friendship is huge, the game is never ending. The unusual friends will probably have a lot of fun together!


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