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5 tips for a romantic bedroom

Photo: deco & style
  1. Playful romance
  2. Sweet dreams on cloud seven
  3. 1. Gentle complexion
  4. 2. Transparency
  5. 3. Nice knickknacks
  6. 4. Nostalgia factor
  7. 5. With attention to detail

Playful romance

So it goes step by step to the perfect style. With tender floral tones, fresh leafy green and a pinch of nostalgia, the bedroom becomes a fairytale land - one would like to stay there longer.

Sweet dreams on cloud seven

Photo above: White and pink are the basis for a romantic bedroom . It's not by chance that the two fairy-tale characters are called Schneeweißchen and Rosenrot: the color combination creates a romantic and feminine flair. White and pink reinforce each other in their radiance. Strong pink, violet and green tones provide the fresh breeze - for example, as bed linen with rose prints or simple bedspread. This look is even more playful through nostalgic accessories - such as the organza canopy or the travel suitcases from yesteryear.

1. Gentle complexion

Pink walls look like a romantic bedroom and furniture like a plasticizer: the white loses its optical coolness, appears more delicate and feminine. In addition, a soft contrast is created that creates spatial depth and harmoniously combines. Tip: Is the color choice difficult? Many manufacturers offer mini paint cans: Take test prints on paper and hold them against the wall in daylight.

Color "Cinder Rose", sample box, approx. 8 €: Farrow and Ball over Fine Colors

2. Transparency

Venetian blinds not only provide privacy, they also dim the light as needed and at the same time allow it to be used across the board - in the sunshine, light and shadow play create an atmospheric flair. Curtain shawls made of organza take the blinds their functional charisma.

3. Nice knickknacks

Porcelain figurines are true classics of romantic life - they take on the part of the fairytale. Often, like our pair of birds, they often recreate mini-scenes from nature. Fresh flowers in small vases provide the right backdrop.

Various porcelain figures: z. B.

4. Nostalgia factor

Nostalgia always has something to do with longing: one dreams oneself into distant countries and travels to bygone times. This is what these antique suitcases stand for. They not only offer practical storage space, but also function as a symbolic companion for beautiful dream trips.

Travel case in retro-look, different models, from approx. 90 €: over Maisons du Monde

5. With attention to detail

Pretty accessories with roses and tendrils make it fast romantic with you. Floral motifs are just a part of it: to make sure you do not get too busy, combine retro pieces, such as In British vintage style, with modern decors.

Candlestick in filigree rose shape. Made of glass, 14 x 15 cm, approx. 16 €, from Zara Home. Knee tray for the Sunday breakfast in bed. 40 x 31 cm, about 40 €, Andrew's Living Rooms. Alarm clock in a nostalgic design. 9 cm, about 49 €, Roger Lascalles about Casa Nicoletta

Photos: deco & style / PR

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