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Blake Lively: New Website Preserve is online!

Blake's new project is online!
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  1. Welcome to Blake's World!
  2. What is "Preserve"?
  3. What exactly is offered?
  4. How does it look?

Welcome to Blake's World!

Two days before the scheduled launch date, Blake Lively's new project went online today. What we can expect from the website of the actress, read here.

There was already some speculation about Blake Lively's new website "Preserve" in advance. And we were also waiting for the launch. Today, all of a sudden, it happened - and we begin to understand what the actress might have meant by the mysterious statements about her unusual new project. Everything about "Preserve" is here:

What is "Preserve"?

You could say "Preserve" is a kind of Etsy . So, there are residential, fashion and kitchen items from the USA that have been carefully selected by Blake and her team. But not only the products, but also the makers themselves are in the foreground: In short profiles you can find out where the handmade items actually come from.

What exactly is offered?

Anyone expecting a model-heavy product range due to Blake Lively's "Gossip Girl" past will be disappointed: apart from jewelery and clothing, there are mainly home accessories and even groceries! Striking is the loving selection - there are only two to three articles per supplier.

How does it look?

"Preserve" is not what we expected the bright internet presence of an actress, but a dark website that wants to tell a story. That's why Blake Lively also aptly notes in her letter to the site visitors that it's not about them at all, but about the creative people behind the project.

In any case, it is consistent, the little world that Blake Lively created there. The idea to offer handcrafted goods a platform, we think great! And we like even more that part of the revenue goes to social projects. If you also want to take a look at "Preserve", you can do that at .