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Clever escape from the cot: No desire for afternoon nap

Photo: magda_rzymanek / iStock

This kid is not tired at all - not even in the head

Many children are not in the mood for afternoon nap. There is still so much to discover and play ... This kid is a true genius when it comes to fleeing the cot !

Clint Eastwood in "Escape from Alcatraz"? Tim Robbins in "The Convicted"? All the snow of yesterday.

This little kid from the video below knows how to escape from a "prison" best. Because it obviously has no desire for his afternoon nap!

First, the mattress is folded. Then the child puts his legs through the bars of his cot, so that it can push the bed up to the parents' bed. This ensures a soft landing when, in the last step, it goes upside down into "freedom"!

We are impressed by how clever and eye-catching this escape plan is out of the cot . For how old may this child be? Two years?

In any case, it's much more fun for the kid to jump around on the big parent's bed than to sleep. If he should hop his way - he will be happy to return to the cot soon.

Incidentally, we adults would be pleased about afternoon nap! Because afternoon nap makes you smart, beautiful and happy