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Mysterious DiscoveryScary selfie: Did this 13-year-old photograph a ghost?

13-year-old Haly takes a photo on a fishing trip with her brother. She later discovers a man she has never seen in her life.

In the background on the right are clearly visible the outlines of a man

Is it a coincidence or a greeting from the hereafter? The question is anyone who sees this snapshot . The 13-year-old Haly Ogletree was on a fishing trip with her brother Kolton, where she shot a photo. When Haly looks at the photo, she discovers behind her brother a man she did not notice when taking the photo. Her brother did not notice anybody next to him either.

The man nobody noticed seems to stand right next to Haly's brother . Is it just an optical illusion or a ghost? The photo worries on Mother Jessica Ogletree's Facebook page for fierce discussions. Many suspect that the image may be a fake, others believe in the authenticity of the image and make assumptions about the man's identity ("BigFoot?"). The photo has been shared nearly 5, 000 times and 4, 000 people have commented on it.