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Oha, kidnapped by aliens? Here you will be helped!

You were kidnapped by aliens, but you have no one to trust you with? Also in this particular case, there is a self-help group.

Extraterrestrials are usually known only from TV series such as "Doctor Who". Nevertheless, some people describe an alien abduction.
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Many are ashamed in public

It is often not easy for those affected to talk about it. Too great is the fear of being labeled a "spinner" when reporting alien abduction .

Joanne Summerscales takes these reports seriously. She is the founder of AMMACH, a self-help group for people abducted by aliens . It provides victims with a platform to tell their story.

For example, she interviewed Simon Parkes, who was abducted by aliens. Already as a small child he saw the first aliens. His real mother should therefore be a green "Mantis". He himself, Simon reports, already has ten children with a "Iion queen". His reptile-like father was responsible for expelling the people of paradise and taught him at the age of six years, how to have sex with a holographic woman.

For the average person, it all sounds very bizarre. It's everyday life for Simon Parkes. Joanne Summerscales from the self-help group also trusts his story. Others report horror - alien beings with high intelligence. Of course, there are also jokers - but you can unmask very quickly, she said in an interview recently.

It is certainly not an easy life - as a victim of an alien abduction. Many do not dare to publish their stories. They are embarrassed. Cope? Everything just spinner?

Who knows ... What's the name of it? "There are more things between heaven and earth than your school wisdom can dream, " says Shakespeare's "Hamlet." In any case, Joanne Summerscale believes in her support group and hopes that reputable scientists will soon deal with the findings of the group.