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Tips for laminating: This knit dress is mine!

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  1. Fashion advice for a knit dress
  2. Knit dress 1 shapes the waist
  3. Knitted dress 2 hides the hips
  4. Knit dress 3 fades wide shoulders
  5. Knitted dress 4 stretches the upper body
  6. Knitted dress 5 hides a little book
  7. Knit Dress 6 conjures more bust size

Fashion advice for a knit dress

Even in winter, we do not want to do without clothes. The great thing about these different knit models: they keep you warm. And stand thanks to figure-friendly cuts every woman.

But which knit dress do I really like? Here are our tips and tricks for laminating :

1. Do not combine gauntlets: The puffy leg warmers compress the leg and, together with a knit dress, are a bit too much wool.

2. Choose flowing materials: If a knit dress is too casual for you, combine the best flowing fabrics, such as silk or viscose shawls, to look elegant.

3. Coarse knit only for slim women: cable pattern, thick wool or large stitches are only for petite women, because they always apply.

4. Cheating with shapewear: In figure-hugging cuts, a figure-shaping petticoat works wonders. Small cushions do not stand out.

Knit dress 1 shapes the waist

The knit dress gets a feminine shape thanks to the lace detail. The contrasting leather belt also directs the focus to the middle. A shawl collar visually extends the upper body.

Approximately 60 €, Gr. XS-XL, BW-Mix, Zalando

Knitted dress 2 hides the hips

A-line is the magic word here. The flared shape emphasizes the waist and then skilfully conceals the hip area. Tip: Little women choose better knee-length dresses, which increases the slim effect.

Approximately 50 €, Gr. XS-XL, wool, Benetton

Knit dress 3 narrows wide shoulders

Here the deep V-neck and the longitudinal ribs play the most important roles. Both details stretch the upper body. The V-neck directs the view in the middle. Tip: Avoid raglan sleeves - visually broaden!

Approximately 48 €, Gr. M-XL, polyacrylic + wool, next about

Knitted dress 4 stretches the upper body

The sophisticated print has a great Mogel effect: it stretches the figure and is ideal for smaller women. Because the print ends on the hips, rather wear high-heeled shoes - lengthens the leg.

Approximately 200 €, Gr. 34-46, viscose, Luisa Cerano

Knitted dress 5 hides a tummy

In the box folds abdominal cuffs are invisible and the waist beautifully narrow. Shoes with heel look great on it. Attention: The longer a dress is, the more voluminous the wrinkles look.

Approximately 150 €, Gr. 34-44, BW mix, jumper factories

Knit Dress 6 conjures more bust size

A turtleneck visually enlarges every bust. The olive-colored knit dress still has an ace up its sleeve: The pop-up fold on the collar gives a small bust extra volume.

Approximately 30 €, Gr. 40-52, wool mix, Mona

(all pictures: Manufacturer / iStock)

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