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Active against arthrosisThe forgotten cartilage

If you have problems with the knee joints, you should take care when walking (Nordic), to take shorter steps and to put on the whole heel, as this relieves the strain on the joints.
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  1. Joint active nutrients to aid in osteoarthritis
  2. Without exercise, cartilage atrophies
  3. Knee and hip joints are particularly affected
  4. Also incorrect loading leads to cartilage degradation
  5. This is how the arthritis manifests itself
  6. Stay mobile with movement
  7. Joint active nutrients

Joint active nutrients to aid in osteoarthritis

What would we be without our 100 joints? Probably we would be rather stiff beings who would wear mundane things like hair washing, stair climbing or shopping. All this is not possible without healthy joints. And cartilage plays a particularly important role here.

Joints are the connections between two parts of the bone. So that the ends of the bones do not rub against each other during a movement and cause pain, they are covered with a smooth layer. This layer is called the articular cartilage and protects the bone surfaces like a buffer against friction and also skilfully absorbs pressure. A functioning system of nature - if there were not this susceptibility to wear.

Without exercise, cartilage atrophies

There are exactly two things that are important for healthy cartilage: movement and nutrients. How is this related? Quite simply, only when the joint is moved can the nutrients that the cartilage needs be "infiltrated". Unfortunately, many people tend to forget this very important aspect of healthy cartilage in everyday life. Especially used excuses for physical inactivity are above all "no time or" no desire. "If lack of exercise in combination with a one-sided diet, it can lead to the cartilage almost" starving. "The surface is rough and the joint can not The cartilage layer is increasingly worn away, which means that the joint movement can no longer be cushioned.

Knee and hip joints are particularly affected

Once the cartilage layer is worn, any movement can lead to uncomfortable pain. Arthrosis (joint wear) can basically affect any joint. However, it mainly occurs in those joints that are subject to a particular burden of body weight, such as knees and hips. In addition, osteoarthritis is often noticeable on the small spinal joints and on the joints of the hands and fingers.

Also incorrect loading leads to cartilage degradation

If the joints are stressed in everyday life by excessive movement, this can also damage the cartilage. The sportier the everyday life or the leisure time of a person, the more the joints are required. Anyone who permanently exposes the joints to overloading or misloading can also cause joint wear that eventually leads to osteoarthritis.

This is how the arthritis manifests itself

Osteoarthritis is most often noticeable by the onset of pain. He is characterized by the fact that it causes pain when getting up after prolonged sitting z. B. on the cozy couch or after a long drive. Most of the time, your hips or knees hurt during the first few steps. This pain is to be understood as a first call for help of the cartilage and an investigation should follow as soon as possible.

Stay mobile with movement

To counteract the cartilage degradation, it is important to take a few measures in terms of health. In addition to joint-gentle sports, such as. B. cycling, walking or swimming and the avoidance of obesity and a healthy diet. To ensure a good supply of cartilage and bone-active nutrients throughout the joint, a balanced diet is important. Low-fat foods that are rich in vitamins C and E as well as zinc, copper, selenium, and manganese should be on the menu daily. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are also an absolute must for any healthy diet. High-fat fresh seafood also provides important omega-3 fatty acids.

Joint active nutrients

In addition, it may be useful to support the articular cartilage with a nutrient combination, such as Orthomol arthroplus® from the pharmacy, since it is usually difficult to cover the increased need for Mirkonutrstoffen alone through the diet. Especially with existing joint problems, large amounts of these micronutrients are needed.

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