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Delicious fish dishes for feasting

Baked fish
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Fish cooking

Do you like to eat fish and do not have any ideas how to prepare it differently than usual? No problem - we'll show you how you can be inspired by Pinterest and find great new recipes.

Fish is healthy and should land on our plates at least once a week. So if you want to prepare fish for feasting again, you should also look around at Pinterest. There are a lot of great fish recipes waiting to be cooked.

Which fish do you like the most? Dorade, salmon or zander? Try a fish that you have never eaten or prepared before. The selection of dishes is great: Have you ever made a fish casserole? Or a zander risotto? Maybe your new favorite food is here.

Enjoy browsing!

Tip: Pay attention to sustainability when buying fish. Take organic fish from a farm or wild caught with an MSC seal.

The pinboards

How about a salmon couscous packet, fish curry with garam masala or a fish fillet with coconut curry sauce? Look at the following pin board for this.

Do you fancy a fish stew, herb salmon in puff pastry or a zander fillet? Here you will find these and many other recipes with fish:

How do these dishes sound to you: vegetable rösti with dill cream and trout, zander with cream spinach and fried sea bream with herb salad? Delicious? Then get the recipes here: