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Justin Bieber meets Tina Fey's daughter

Tina Fey raves for Justin Bieber

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Meet Justin Bieber once! Many teenagers queued for nights at a time. Tina Fey's daughter is just allowed to walk backstage with her mother and shake hands with the newcomer. Such a celebrity is something mean. The four-year-old Alice is actually still too small to rave about the star, but Justin fly known all hearts zu.Und even Tina Fey is very excited about Justin Bieber, who will appear on the comedy show Saturday Night Live. The New York studio can ever set itself up for a screeching fan base. Fey, who will lead the show as a guest presenter, has already met the singer at the Kids Choice Awards and is passionately raving about Justin: "He's a really nice boy. I like people who sing really well and also master their instruments perfectly. I'm really excited to have him on the show, "says Fey. Well, if the 39-year-old does not even have a slight crush on the teenager? Sounds almost like that. However, colleague Steve Carell will not be thrilled. He was sure that his partner in Date Night was very much in love with him and therefore insisted on a minute-long smooching scene. At least, the comedian put on Tina's husband Jeff. Even if that was only meant for fun: Jeff can now watch as his two ladies, Tina and daughter Alice, feverishly meet the meeting with Justin Bieber. Poor guy.