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Italian party: candles in canned

  • Wax granules and wicks in white (craft shop)
  • beautiful empty and cleaned cans
  • skewers
  • 2 cooking pots for a water bath
  • scissors

1. Melt the wax granules in a water bath.

2. Pour liquid wax into the cans.

3. Place 2 shish kebab skewers across the cans. In between, the wicks are left in the wax (Tip: Connect skewers with Tesa at a small distance, then keep the wicks in between better).

4. Allow the wax to set. Possibly. add some more, as wax contracts slightly when it solidifies and voids can form.

5. Remove shish kebab skewers and shorten the wicks with scissors.

Tip: Open food cans with a special can opener that leaves no sharp edges or sharp edges.

Do not allow candles to burn unattended and avoid drafts. Keep the burning bowl clean. If the candle smokes, wick shorten something. Only burn the candle on an incombustible base.