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Combat celluliteWith these means you hide dents in your skin

Cellulite is not bad, but somehow annoying. You're the same? Then we have three great anti-orange peel remedies for you!

Fighting cellulite made easy: With these miracle remedies finally succeed
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Orange peel puts millions of women - whether slim or curvy - before the supposedly biggest challenge of their lives: How can I finally get rid of the unsightly dents on the buttocks and thighs ? Because it is precisely these bumps on the skin that do not affect our mood at all - we sometimes feel unattractive, fat and simply not well in our skin. Of course we would not have to, but it's just that.

Cellulite is not immediately a problem of a few pounds too much, but rather due to a structural weakness of our connective tissue . The female connective tissue fibers run - in contrast to the male - vertically to the skin surface. This can be a problem because it allows the fat cells underneath to rise much more easily and our skin loses its stability and bulges out visibly.

A whim of nature, which we can counteract with stress reduction, healthy diet and enough sport - but just as easy does not disappear orange peel. Unfortunately, we can not rid ourselves of these, but we have chosen three remedies for you that fight cellulite and make your skin noticeably smoother and smoother.

Fight cellulite - that's how it works

1. Maria Gallands Essences Anti Cellulite

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Especially helpful in the fight against cellulite has been a stimulation of the skin to stimulate the blood circulation . By doing so, you speed up the burning of fat cells that commonly want to spread in the tissue while preventing your skin from (further) bulging.

The better your skin is supplied with blood, the firmer it works. The cooling anti-cellulite essence of Maria Galland supports exactly this natural process with a complex of algae and phytoextract . Phytoe extract has the ability to minimize the volume of your fat cells, while the algae microalgae Chlorella vulgaris promote microcirculation. The result? Smooth skin! Unevenness is compensated and the production of the skin-stabilizing substances collagen and elastin is vigorously boosted. Even stretch marks can be minimized .

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2. Olivedas Cell Active Body Serum

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Another insider tip for skincare is olive oil . The unsaturated fats it contains are not that unlike our own fats. So, if the natural protective film of our skin is damaged somewhere, these fats can fix the defect and blend naturally. This is especially useful with orange peel, where our skin needs a lot of moisture and elasticity to balance out bumps.

So if you want to fight cellulite, you should definitely try olive oil products. Our favorite is the Cell Active Body Serum by Oliveda . This contains olive leaf cell elixir that tightens our skin and minimizes cellulite. Simply massage gently in the morning or evening after showering for the best results.

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3. Celluii Ultra Performance from Payot

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The only thing you should not do with cellulite is ... wait and see. By itself, the dents will not disappear for sure, but only worse. It is therefore important that you meet your problem areas with patience and regular care .

The French label Payot has developed a particularly pro-active product, Cellulite Ultra Performance, which contains fat-burning ingredients and is said to combat cellulite in a particularly sustainable manner . A massage applicator makes the application of the cream particularly effective, since also here by the mechanical stimulation of the skin, the fat burning is stimulated . Pleasant scent included!

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