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It's that easy: stamp candles

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The days get shorter and cooler and we make it comfortable in the cozy candlelight at home. With this DIY tip, you can make your own personal candles.

You need this:

  • white pillar candles
  • Stamp with text ( eg Motivstempel Title: The most beautiful, the ... Order No .: 678486 approx. 11 Euro, or motif stamp Title: Poem by Karin Boye, Order No .: 07100108ca Euro)
  • inkpad
  • clear spray matt varnish (eg from Rico design)

It's that easy:

1. Place the stamp on the work surface with the writing face up. Press the ink pad on the stamp.

2. Roll the candle straight over the stamp with a little pressure.

3. Place the candle, do not touch the stamped area with your fingers.

4. Spray on matt varnish and allow to dry thoroughly for several hours, preferably overnight.