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2018 - my best yearYour big health planner

Do you feel it too? The desire to restart at the beginning of the year, to re-invent oneself, so to speak? Then this bella action is just right!

1 to 2 cups of coffee or green tea daily protect the body from cell damage.
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The bella campaign will make 2018 the best year of your life. How it works? That's what we reveal in our three-part series. In this issue we start with the health. It is the foundation for us to consciously enjoy each day with energy and joie de vivre. And it is not difficult to prevent diseases: getting out of breath every day, eating vegetables several times a month and taking precautions once a year - such little habits guarantee you a healthy, long life.

It depends on these mini-rituals


Strengthen bath routine

In addition to brushing your teeth in the evening, use floss to clean the interstices. So no periodontal bacteria get into the blood, inflammation is prevented. And: washing hands five times a day reduces the risk of virus infections such as cold and flu by half. 20 seconds each with hot water and liquid soap.

Get out of breath

So that the heart and circulation remain fit, you get a breath of fresh air once a day. Take the stairs instead of the lift or take a quick 5 minutes walking. Good are a few squats. By the way: today, medical experts recommend taking 6, 000 steps a day so that a healthy effect can be achieved.

drink coffee

2-3 cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of colon cancer by 25%. The caffeine counteracts chronic inflammation that causes every fifth tumor. In addition, enjoy daily vegetables, the best steamed broccoli. The plant substances contained promote the immune system in such a way that not only the risk of infection, but also the risk of cancer decreases.


Rinse off hot-cold

Even if it is difficult: enjoy changing showers 1-3 times a week. Warm it first for about 3 minutes, then cool it down for about 30 seconds - this strengthens the defense, veins and heart. For beginners are also hot-cold leg joints.

Put on fish and linoleic acid

Enjoy herring, salmon, mackerel or trout twice a week. Their omega-3 fatty acids are good for the veins, nerves and brain. Weekly 7 tablespoons of linseed oil reduce the risk of stroke by 30 percent. Its linoleic acid keeps the blood vessels flexible and prevents vasoconstriction.


One sauna session per week increases the number of white blood cells and strengthens the defense. The skin is also better blood circulation and firmer. In addition, the heat and cold stimuli correct the nervous system: we become more balanced and can endure stress better.


Palpate chest

Women often discover a lump in their breasts - by chance when showering or applying cream. Or by consciously scanning your own breast as an early detection measure. In addition to breast cancer screening at the doctor's is very important: So can be timely action.

Feel the power of nature

Whether by the sea, in the forest or in the mountains - in nature our resting nerve, the parasympathetic, is activated. Blood pressure and pulse sink, all senses relax, and we recharge our batteries. Meditation can also be helpful, because it demonstrably reduces stress. Beginners courses are available at the VHS.

Enjoy massages

Just switch off: z. B. in a soothing massage. Already 30 minutes prevent tension and back pain. And they stimulate the release of the feel-good hormones endorphin and oxytocin, promote the breakdown of stress hormones and thus strengthen our immune system.


Turn the mattress

If you turn it about every three months, the mattress stays elastic longer and does not form a hollow. In this way, you avoid incorrect strain on the spine, back and neck muscles. In addition, you sleep better, which strengthens your immune system.

Change toothbrush

Old bristles do not remove coating properly. Harmful bacteria can invade, ignite the gums and cause tooth decay. Also brush after every cold and swap inflammation in the mouth or throat. Otherwise you might get stuck again.

Insert wellness day

Take a break, treat yourself to z. B. a few hours of wellness. This dispels negative thoughts and is good for the soul, heart and defense. This can be the relaxing aroma bath at home or a day at a special wellness hotel. Main thing, switch off.


Measure blood pressure

When it's too high, we do not always realize it. But in the long run increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Have your blood pressure checked by the doctor or the pharmacy. At over 140 to 85, your doctor should examine you.

Let teeth clean

Despite careful dental care, an expert should remove stubborn tartar every six months. The professional teeth cleaning (from about 60 €) prevents tooth decay and dangerous gingivitis.

Check shoe cupboard

Soles leaked, heels wrong? If your feet are stressed, it will transfer to your knees, hips and back. Joint and back pain are the result. And: Flat footwear minimizes the risk of knee and back problems.


Check blood

A drop of blood reveals whether the excretory organs (eg liver, kidney) are working properly, inflammation levels are elevated or there is a lack of nutrients. Have a check done once a year.

Check the vaccination certificate

Vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria and poliomyelitis (polio) renew every ten years. Adult is also the whooping cough vaccine recommended. It is available as a combination vaccine with tetanus / diphtheria / polio.

To go on a hiking holiday

It is the best precaution for our health. Hiking strengthens the cardiovascular system, the immune system and stimulates the metabolism. And we? Be happy, satisfied and fit.

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