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Soon on the market? Birth control pills for men: Contraceptive method passes test

The contraceptive pill for the man would be a dream? It could soon become reality, with US researchers tapping into a drug for the male pill. The first test phase has already passed - but when can we expect the pill for the man?

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Two years ago, the 'Valsagel' became known to the man who was successfully tested on monkeys. Then in 2018, US researchers managed to find an ingredient that men could use to prevent - in the form of a pill. Now, a second synthetic hormone has passed the test of birth control pills for men. Is hormonal contraception finally no longer a matter for women?

Researchers at the Biomed Research Institute in Los Angeles tested the 11-beta-MNTDC pill on 40 healthy men for 28 days. " Our results indicate that this pill (...) will reduce sperm production while maintaining libido, " said reproductive biologist and study lead dr. Christina Wang of the Institute opposite the science portal So that means: The desire for sex hardly or not at all decreased (as is often the case with the female contraceptive pill). Besides, the voice did not change. There was no gain in weight either. So completely without side effects the test phase was not enough. Some subjects reported tiredness and headache.

Pill for the man: when does she come on the market?

The researchers now want the hormone to undergo a longer test phase, so that the effectiveness of the 11-beta-MNTDC pill can be ensured. Only in about ten years, the scientists estimate, could give it the pill for the man to buy.

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