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Try new fashion trends - so you dare!

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Courage for the new fashion

Oblique eyes, funny compliments? With these tips, you will not be confused by the comments of others in terms of fashion.

Individual fashion needs courage - and of course a healthy pinch of self-confidence . But often you can pass the desire for the new hat, the glittering shoes or the fancy sunglasses in the 70s look, which has no other currently, already on the way to work. Looks that say, "What do you look like, " do not always hit you in the morning in the train. Well, strangers can be ignored. We think. And, if one has then sneaked into the office a bit confused, the colleagues do not react differently. "Oh, do you have new shoes?" No comment on whether they liked or (which is sometimes even worse), hysterically high-frequency expressions of love to the new part, which sound nice but are hard to beat for dishonesty. Annoyed, you pop your shoes in a corner in the evening and decide to leave them there for the rest of your life.

Does that have to be, we ask ourselves ...? How can we stop constantly taking everything so important that others visually say about us? With our tips you bring shoe and Co. out of the shadows and run from now on like.

1. Humans are pack animals. What you do not know, look critically at first. As long as a style has not yet prevailed in the mainstream, he is often perceived as funny. Keep your back straight and confident. Remember the days when you suddenly wore skinny jeans in boots. Did not you think at the time that the look looks like a visit to the riding school? And today? Is the style absolutely socially tolerated.

2. Take a close look at the others' looks in public. Are they really pejorative? Or maybe you interpret them wrong? Bet that fashion-conscious people might look a bit more, because they actually find the style cool and wondering where you got the part from. Leave only comments from really nice colleagues. Ignore the others, you probably never had much of a problem with them anyway. And otherwise: Envy is the best compliment you can give. So, stand above the things.

3. Certainly there is more attention for unusual looks, but let's be honest - that's why we wear fashion that makes us unique. The best look? The one you like the most! If you are unsure whether the new favorite piece will actually look good on you, it is best to ask a good friend from whom you can expect an honest opinion. She'll tell you right in the face, whether you're about to become a hottie or a horst.

4. Be quick-witted towards critics. A colleague is constantly commenting on your new styles? On the way to work, think about a charming, crisp answer. Always pay attention to the mantra: to envelop with kindness. You can do more if you smile at it than looking poisonous. After all, you do not want to be the bitch. Often, after that, there is silence in the box and you have proven your sense of style at all levels.

5. Take a look at a few fashion and star magazines. Do the celebrities like to wear private hat as well? Or shimmering shoes? What do you look like? What is combined with what? Sometimes you focus too much on yourself. "Can I do that?", "Can I really wear this?", "Does not that really make me a bird of paradise?" And if the thoughts revolve - well, there is often not much around. So back to the others! Does the hat look great on Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow or Helen Mirren, regardless of type? Then he'll be fine for you, too. And what the celebrities wear today, will probably be announced tomorrow with us. Well, perhaps with your envious people over-the-day - but you can not care about that now!

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