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Cat adopts kitten after she lost her babies

A loss brings cat and kitten together. Now they are a new family.
Photo: Screenshot / MailOnline

Happy End: Mourning cat adopts orphan kittens

It sounds like fate: After Mikey loses her kittens, the cat meets three babies who have lost someone themselves. The mourning cat adopts her.

It's a happy ending like a picture book. The story of the cat begins with a tragedy that leads to tears. Mikey has a hard time when Hillary adopted the cat from the shelter. His new owner gives him a loving new home. But when she brings the cat to the vet, she expects a surprise: Because Mikey is not a hangover, but a cat and even highly pregnant!

Only a short time later, the just eight-month-old cat gives birth to three babies. But the kittens were born too soon. Hillary tries hard to save the babies, but they are too weak. Gradually each of the preemies dies.

The cat can not understand that her babies are no longer there. Mourning and disturbed she runs in search of her kittens through the apartment. The depressive behavior goes so far that Hillary is seriously worried. She turns to Dori's Darling, a charity organization for cats.

At this point, the sad story takes a wondrous turn. Because as fate wants, one employee has just become adoptive mother for three little cat orphans. The kittens lost their mother the way Mikey lost her babies!

They decide to bring the mourning cats together. It's a tricky situation - not every animal accepts foreign babies. But when Hillary puts the three kittens to her cat, a miracle happens. Without hesitation, she adopts the babies as her own. Mikey instantly starts cleaning the kittens. After an extensive cuddling session, she even gives them milk!

The cats do not just behave like a real family, they even look like they belong together! Even animals suffer indescribably from a loss. This story has a happy ending. The fact that a cat who lost her own kittens has now adopted three identical babies who lost her mother is a miracle. Together, the little family can be happy again!