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Healthy NutritionProbier's vegetable: 5 reasons why soy should end up on your plate more often

More and more people are refraining from animal products and are increasingly feeding on the plant. Soy is a good alternative and worth eating on our plates and in our glasses. Five reasons for soy!

Eat more soy - your wellbeing thanks you.
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The planet thanks you - for a good conscience

With our consumption and eating habits, we consume the resources of our earth 1.5 times in one year. That should give us food for thought. Some animal foods, such as meat, require a lot of resources to produce. Would it not make more sense to use plants directly for the production of nutritious food for us humans? Factory farming is also an important reason for many people to opt for a life as a vegetarian or vegan. It does not necessarily go as far as that, it helps to take small steps: we can all do something in our daily diet to use our resources more sustainably, to protect the animals We also want to do something good for ourselves - by integrating more of the vegetable in our everyday lives. Especially for milk and dairy there are great alternatives from soy, for example, which are also really delicious. The good conscience you get as a topping.

You save sugar

Sugar is found in many foods in which one does not suspect it at first. So the daily requirement is reached quickly. An example is dairy products that naturally contain sugar, namely the lactose lactose. Soya products do not contain this, for example there are unsweetened soya drinks or yoghurt alternatives with 0 g sugar (eg from Alpro). Because that may not suit all tastes, there are also soy products that are healthy. These often contain less total sugar in spite of sugar than comparable dairy products (eg the soy drink Original by Alpro with only 2.5 g of sugar per 100 ml).

All sugars, whether naturally contained in or added to foods, are similarly processed in the body and provide the same amount of calories: 4 kcal per gram of sugar. It is therefore important to look at the nutritional information on the packaging and the total amount of sugar per 100 ml or per 100 g.

A bit of fat must be - but the right one

Vegetable foods tend to contain less fat, fewer calories, but lots of fiber, which is important for healthy digestion and will fill us up for a long time. Fat is part of a balanced diet and is important for taking vitamins, for example - but fat is not just fat. Vegetable foods contain rather unsaturated ("good") fatty acids and tend to be low in saturated ("bad") fatty acids. Soya and soy products, such as Alpro's soy drinks or soy yoghurt alternatives, are a great alternative to animal products - rich in high-quality vegetable protein, naturally low in saturated fat and delivering it Mehrfachr polyunsaturated fatty acids. This combination is long-lasting, keeps the blood sugar level constant and thus protects against hunger pangs. If these are not beating arguments?

Abdominal pain ad

Some people react to milk and dairy products with malaise, fatigue or other symptoms. No wonder, because evolutionary biology originally did not provide for adults to drink milk. Not every adult produces enough of the enzyme lactase, which is necessary to digest lactose. Herbal alternatives offer enjoyment without giving up - and ensure a pleasant digestive sensation since they are naturally lactose-free and therefore easy to digest. In particular, soya drinks can be a good alternative to milk because they provide a comparable nutritional value - when supplemented with calcium and vitamins. Extra plus, soy drinks (eg the Alpro soy drink Original) contain less sugar and less saturated fatty acids, but they provide important unsaturated fatty acids and high-quality vegetable protein.

You are doing something good for your heart

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear how much our diet influences our health. Whoever cooks vegetables often, for example, sip sauces with soy-based cooking cream instead of cream, eat tofu instead of meat, replace yoghurt with soy-yoghurt alternatives and use soy drinks instead of milk, will save money fattened ("bad") fatty acids and cholesterol. Soy contains unsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the cholesterol level and thus on the heart health. Soja-hack, soy-drink or soy-yogurt-alternative animal products are in no way inferior in taste today - so why not choose herbal alternatives more often?