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Editing testOn the line, get set, go: My first time slacklining

Slacklining: the new trend sport for the balanced. How the first time feels on the shaky string and whether it is really fun, our editor has found out for you.

Photo: iStock // O_Lypa

"In the beginning, nothing is easy." This wisdom fits the Slacklining, like the fist in the eye, because it is really really demanding. What looks relatively simple at first glance turns out to be a real challenge. This is certainly due to the fact that we rarely deliberately challenge our sense of balance in everyday life.

The right preparation: do not forget to warm up!

Even when balancing "only" on a string, it is important to warm and stretch before it. It quickly becomes clear on the first ascent how important your own muscles are when slacklining to keep your balance. I dared barefoot on the string. This is a matter of taste. There are also people who face the challenge with shoes. The only drawback: With an unwanted descent the risk increases.

On the cord, ready, whoops ...

For the first few attempts it is definitely advisable to look for a slacklining buddy whose arm or shoulder can be seized in shaky moments during the first attempts. With this safety on the side, balancing can be practiced much better. After a few tries with help, it will be time to try it alone. At least now it will come to one or the other shaky moment with ground landing. But that does not matter, because practice is known to be the master.

Ascended - and also with left

I noticed very quickly that I also have a chocolate side when it comes to slacklining. In my case that was my right side. When I got on the band with my right foot first, I usually got off to a good start. On the other hand, I dropped down quite often with my left, because I could not keep my balance. Of course this is not so much fun and sometimes a bit frustrating. However, it is still advisable to train the "problem site" more strongly in order to stay on the line while turning. The joy of success, if it works, is all the greater. Stay tuned and be patient!

Run away without looking at your feet

At the first running attempts and later it is advisable to be careful not to look up. As with dancing, this quickly makes you stand up. It is always better to look a little bit ahead and fix a point there. The rope itself should be felt with your feet. Slowly and step by step you get on the line.


Slacklining is about fun. Those who are too tense and trying hard to reach the goal will quickly lose their joy because slacklining is a sport that demands a bit of patience. If you are ready to spend it, the sport is really fun and above all, it feels good to do something for your own balance and posture. Who wants to try it with the Slacklining, should pay attention to the following things:

  • the slackline should not reach above knee level
  • the length should be between 3 and 5 meters (does not shake as there is little dislocation)
  • Slackline width between 3 to 4 cm
  • Keep arms above shoulder level during the procedure
  • just stand on one leg at the beginning - balance with the other
  • train both legs, because you always have a weaker and stronger leg

I would always go back to a Slacklining class because it's an uncomplicated sport that's fun and good for your body.