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Singles are questioned on Facebook

Pretty mean, how to ask questions on Facebook singles ...
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Embarrassing by a click

Place of residence, elementary school and what kind of music we are on - Facebook knows all about us. This is how our friends should get to know us better. What you do not know yet, you can also ask for a relaxed click. Recently, even the relationship status .

The "questions" button has been around for a few months now: How to ask a Facebook user for their phone number, address or job. The button with the relationship question is however new - and not yet to be found in the German version.

The explosive button for the question is in the English version already to see everyone who has either no status or "single" specified. After the click you get the possibility to add a few lines to your request: "What? You are still alone ?!" or "Did not that work with Tom?" These are just two ways to annoy your single friends.

Ask people on Facebook for their relationship status is pretty stupid. The only correct answer to this question is probably "What's up to you ?!".

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