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His mother gave him almond milk - and he got an almost extinct illness

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Because she gave her son only almond milk and almond bran food, he became ill

A new study warns children with almond milk to feed! Reason is a case in which a small child got an almost extinct disease because of the herbal milk alternative.

Because they want to live vegan or to avoid lactose - many people do without the classic milk of animals. Instead, herbal alternatives are becoming increasingly popular: hazelnut milk, rice milk and even almond milk, for example.

But that was dooming to a little 10-month-old boy. His mother fed him from the age of 2.5 months until he was 10 months old with almond milk and almond bran food.

A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics reports this case. The consequences of this one-sided diet were devastating for the child:

He had extremely thin bones in his small body, several broken bones in his legs and back and could hardly move. The doctors diagnosed: scurvy, a disease that had been largely eradicated. It is the result of severe vitamin C deficiency.

In scurvy, tooth loss, muscle atrophy and joint inflammation occur.

The little boy was immediately treated accordingly: He got a vitamin C therapy. Over the next three months, his condition improved rapidly, the pain in his legs disappeared and he even started walking!

The doctors who conducted this study demand that almond milk manufacturers print a warning on the packaging that almond milk is not suitable for children under the age of 1 year.

We can only say: Everyone should live as he wants, vegan or not. But please let adolescent children out of this!

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