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Howard Carpendale: His bitter farewell!

Howie wants to withdraw from the limelight.
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Suddenly everything is over

He did not show it. Played his role bravely. That's why the news shocks his fans all the more: Howard Carpendale's (66) bitter farewell !

Munich, a small café. The singer is sitting at a table in the corner. Hair long and with a five-day beard. Restless, he looks around, nervously wrestling with his hands. And then Howard Carpendale says in a private video message, the sentences that many fans have to surprise: "I will retire now for a long time. I want to question everything, think everything over. I need time for that. How it goes on, if it continues ... I have no idea! "

His eyes are sad and the sound of his voice is uncertain. But Howard Carpendale reveals nothing to the reasons. "I can not tell you anymore right now. Let's see how and where life goes on. Take care ", are his last words, with which he addresses himself to his fans. Does he know what he is doing to himself? He once regretted his departure from the stage bitterly. After his first retirement in 2003 he fell into a deep hole. It was the darkest phase of his life back then. "I suffered from depression, " Howie remembers this time. "Having no goals is the worst thing that can happen to a man. At some point, I was at a point where the ground beneath me was shaking. "The sense of futility and a stifling emptiness suddenly determined his life.

Only through the support of his son Wayne (34), the new beginning with his great love Donnice (54) and the return to the stage Howard Carpendale found his way back to life and was able to defeat the disease. Now again a sudden farewell! Get out of the spotlight. Back to the self-chosen loneliness. It's a risky way Howard Carpendale is now. I hope he is strong enough this time too.

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