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Threema: The better Whatsapp alternative?

Threema competes with Whatsapp.
Photo: 2012-2013 Kasper Systems GmbH
  1. Really better than whatsapp?
  2. Data is the new l!
  3. Threema: Simple and safe
  4. Benefits of Threema
  5. Disadvantages of Threema

Really better than whatsapp?

It's probably the deal of the year: social media giant Facebook swallows the text messaging service and rival Whatsapp for a total of $ 19 billion. The purchase is very convenient for Facebook, because "Whatsapp is on the way, one billion people to connect, " says boss Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook, on the other hand, is currently losing the younger users in particular - a target group that is almost "Posted", "Shared" or "Liked" every minute, making it very valuable. With the purchase Facebook makes sure that this remains on board and diligently continues to reveal data.

Data is the new oil!

And it's about data - in a very big way. Because with pictures, comments, conversations and SMS providers such as Facebook and Whatsapp get many more data provided by the users who can be sold for a lot of money. Google is already known as a data octopus, Facebook is on its way there. If you continue to value your privacy and want to make sure your own data is not used, you should delete Whatsapp . Because even if the app continues to run only in the background and is not actively operated, it records data, it passes on American servers to the evaluating services. Therefore, should look quickly for alternatives. But are there any at all?

Threema: Simple and safe

An alternative has been developed by the 30-year-old computer scientist Manuel Kasper in Switzerland, more precisely in Zurich. Threema is the app that could compete with Whatsapp now.

Benefits of Threema

* Like Whatsapp, Threema is easy to handle. Images can be sent, links exchanged and group chats are conducted.

* What matters is the security the application offers. A so-called asymmetric end-to-end encryption guarantees that the message can actually only be transmitted by the sender and read by the sender. The messages are encrypted using the proven "NaCl Cryptography Library" cryptography program developed by mathematician and cryptography expert Daniel Bernstein.

At the beginning of the use of the app, the user creates his individual key pair with random swiping movements above the display. It consists of a private and a public key. The private key remains on the device, the public is distributed to the family and friends.

When sending an SMS to a friend, the system uses the private and the assigned public key to calculate a third, which makes the respective message unreadable for third-party eyes and systems.

* As with Whatsapp, the mobile number or email address can be linked to the Threema account and the address book can be searched for other Threema users .

* Group chats are now also available on Android.

Disadvantages of Threema

* There is no guarantee, though of the increased security and encryption, that American intelligence agencies such as the NSA can not read the messages. Vulnerable operating systems may keep one or two backdoors open, allowing Apple and co. To record keystrokes or screen content.

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