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What happens when children drink coffee - video

Whether with milk, without or cold with cream: coffee is one of our favorite drinks. On the other hand, coffee tastes less good for children ...
Photo: Leigh Righton / Corbis

So funny!

A cup of coffee is just part of our everyday life. What children hold of our favorite drink is truly the crowning glory!

The Arabs have been drinking the black brew for over 600 years. Over Mecca, Medina and Cairo, the coffee finally came to us through Dutch colonial masters. Today, every German drinks an average of 160 liters of coffee a year. But remember, that was not always the case!

In the teenage years, we had to get used to the taste slowly. And as a child you would not have been able to turn the dark brew on us.

The US "Huffington Post" has now released a video of children drinking coffee . For the first time in your life, try a sip of the omnipresent beverage. Your unanimous opinion: coffee is completely overrated!

From "Disgusting" to "Yuck" to "Take That Away From Me" is all about the children's reactions . All the funny reactions are in the video.

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