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Verona Pooth: Let down!

Verona Pooth: It always seems to get smaller. Just why?
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Pictures show them dry and alone

Lonely and abandoned, the smile tormented. Yes, it hurts when you can not rely on those you love ...

Four months ago they stood together for the last time on a red carpet, at the "Ein Herz für Kinder" gala in Berlin. Show pictures : Instead of good mood you only saw icy faces there. Since then, every trace of Franjo Pooth (42) is missing. Wife Verona (43) is just kidding from party to party and attends talk show appearances without him.

What happened?

We remember: When Franjo was not feeling well, Verona always stood by him, defending him in public. And now Verona Pooth would need her husband - but is let down.

What did Franjo think?

One thing is certain: Verona Pooth has been getting thinner since the birth of son Rocco last June. She has already lost 30 pounds - in just six months. And it should tumble even more pounds. For this Verona Pooth spends an incredible amount of time with sports, eating only selected food. She tortures herself. The advertising icon is now almost made of skin and bones.

But instead of helping Verona and telling her that she is beautiful and desirable, her husband leaves her alone. Franjo does not seem to care how Verona is. Does he really care? Does he just not see the problem? Or does he think that it is normal for a woman to lose weight so radically after a pregnancy? That she doggedly runs after a completely unrealistic ideal of beauty, does it cost what it wants?

"We swore to stand together, in good times and in bad, and we do, " Franjo once said. Now is the time to follow these words with deeds ...

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