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Tinker table decoration with pearls yourself

Wonderful table decoration with pearls.
Photo: Living idea about deco & style, photographer: Olaf Szczepaniak

Pearl of nature

The pearl is an all-rounder - we'll tell you why ...

What pearls can do: In many cultures they carry a symbolic character. You will be astonished how different their meanings are.

In Japan, pearls mean happiness, whereas in Islam they are associated with virginity. In China, they stand for wealth and wisdom. In India, pearls are combined with children's wealth. The Romans and Greeks already referred to their lover as a pearl. In addition, the pearl can also be seen as a symbol of tears or as an aphrodisiac. These are just a few examples. The series of meanings has no end. Pearls are simply all-rounders!

What else can they do? Create a wonderful table decoration - but only with your help! Get creative and create a glamorous table decoration with pearls . We help you with this and have put together some tips for crafting for you.

Browse through our gallery with a variety of decorating ideas for table decoration with pearls. You will find a variety of colors and styles - there is certainly the right table decoration for every taste.