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Dishtowels with stamp letters

You buff:

  • Dish towels (department store, textile department, about 3 euros)
  • maybe painter's crepe
  • Stamp letters (craft shop, alphabet about 17 euros)
  • Textile paint (craft shop, about 4 euros)
  • Small plate
  • brush

It's that easy:

1. Place the tea towel on a smooth surface. Possibly. fix with a painter's crepe.

2. Submit word possibly.

3. Put the paint on a small plate. Spread smoothly and thinly with the brush.

4. Put the stamp in the color and press on the tea towel. Let dry.

5. Fix the paint according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Tip: Be careful not to stamp the letter mirrored. Not too little and not too much paint. Possibly. try it on a piece of cloth before

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