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Rebellious grandmother breaks out of retirement home

The grandmother is proud of her new tattoo!
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Grandma breaks out

Retirement home? Nothing is too boring! In a secret action a grandmother breaks out to do something incredible!

SadieSellers is clearly a pretty cool grandmother. At 79 years of age, the lady has definitely remained young - a reason she understands so well with her 22-year-old granddaughter. She visits her regularly at the retirement home where her grandma is housed.

But even if she lacks nothing in the nursing home, it can be quite boring in the long run. The visits of her granddaughter Samantha are therefore a welcome change. But since that last time Sadie has been thinking. Her granddaughter has a new tattoo. And the grandmother does not find that terrible, on the contrary: since she has seen the artwork, she does not lose the desire to have her own!

So it happens that her son finds an empty room during his daily visit one day. He turns to the carers in concern, but nobody knows where Sadie Sellers is! The grandmother actually seems to have broken out of the nursing home . The staff does not experience such a thing every day.

After a short while, the son can breathe again. Looking for his mother, he sees his daughter's car standing in the street - in front of a tattoo parlor! Her family is amazed by the small heart on her arm. But what other people think about their body jewelry, they are not interested anyway. Literally, the rebellious grandmother expresses herself as follows: "I do not care!" The outbreak from the nursing home was definitely worth it!

One thing is certain: her grandchildren are still young at the age of just 80 when their grandchildren are eleven. Sadie proves that she is still having fun for everyone and that life at any age has something new in store!

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