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What wool knitting instructions: So you knit a super comfy dressing gown

Hach, that's nice! Once you have slipped your own knitted dressing gown, you do not want to dress properly anymore. Why not? Looks good, right?

So cozy: we love our dressing gown!
Photo: Deco & Style

The women's coat is available for the size 36-40, for 42-46 and in the size 48/50. He is loosely and openly worn over the nightgown. The fabric of soft merino wool keeps us cuddly warm and is so cozy that we do not want to get up from the breakfast table anymore. But has something, such a weekend in a dressing gown, right?

That's what you need:

  • Gedifra Extra Sft Merino (100% merino wool (extrafine, superwash), run length approx. 105 m / 50 g), 1100 (1200/1300) g in natural Fb 9125. Prym knitting needles no. 4 and no. 41/2 and one embroidery needle without a tip

And here is the instructions.