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This is how you knit this cozy coatigan by yourself

Autumn is coming: And what do we most like to wear? Yes, of course, a cardigan!

You can make this stylish cardigan yourself
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Whether inside or outside: A cuddly jacket becomes a solid companion in autumn. Especially in the trend: A coatigan, that is a mixture between coat and cardigan. If you want to knit this stylish companion yourself, here is the right guide.

That's what you need:

  • from Milward an 80 or 100 cm long circular needle
  • 7 mm.
  • 2 fast motion
  • 1 crochet hook
  • 3 fur hooks from Prym, Art. 261 455
  • a woolen needle

That's how it works:
Basic pattern: Odd number of stitches.
1st R (= return) and all following backs: 3 Randm left
take off, carrying the thread before work,
knit right sts to 3 sts before R-end, 3 sts left,
carry the thread with you while you work.
2nd row (= right): Knit 3 rows on the right side, * 1 square inch, 1 st
lift off to the left, carrying the thread before work,
repeat from *, end with 1 st at left, 3
Knit edge right.
4th row (= front row): Work 3 margins on the right, * 1 st off left,
with the thread before work, 1 M left,
repeat from * repeat, end with 1 st left,
in doing so, carry the thread with you before work, 3 margins
knit right.
Always repeat the 1st to 4th Rs

Here's the knitting instructions for your cardigan

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