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Clever DIY idea: Make bedside table from old books

What you can do with old books ...
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Stacked high

This DIY idea is really awesome! We make a unique bedside table from old books. How it works? Just follow our instructions.

What you need for the bedside table:

  • old books (antique shop or flea market)
  • Decopatch adhesive (craft shop)
  • Lacquer in white (hardware store)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Brush for deco patch glue
  • Brush for paint

And that's how easy it is:

1. Glue the books to the sides with the Decopatch adhesive. Allow the glue to dry well and weigh it with a heavy object.

2. Paint all books with white lacquer from all sides. Also let it dry well.

3. Glue the individual books together with the double-sided adhesive tape.

4. Finally, repair the irregularities with the varnish.

Prop: alarm clock: Retro Gray by Depot, price € 14.99, table lamp stones: ceramic gray height 19 cm, depot price € 12.99, bed linen: depot, price € 44.99, balance: own