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Miley Cyrus completely naked in Future's "Real & True" video

Miley Cyrus naked with bodypainting in music video

Miley Cyrus can not and should not stop: Recently, she painted only with Bodypainting a guest appearance in Future's music video "Real & True". And with the lively nudity she makes headlines again for the umpteenth time.

Miley Cyrus naked in Future's music video Real & True
Photo: Dan Steinberg / Invision for Epic Records / ddp images

Is there a star who is currently more free than Miley Cyrus? This circumstance was now her colleague Future to good, who could win Miley Cyrus for his video "Real & True". She put the clothes off for him and showed herself completely naked again. In the futuristic production of the rapper she wears only something silvery metallic color on the body. Future is allowed to play Doctor and examine the 20-year-old, who seems to be an alien, while lying on a metal table.

Miley Cyrus in Futures "Real & True" video: Watch HERE!

Future's "Real & True" video with Miley Cyrus caused a sensation even before the release

Even before the video even appeared, it caused a sensation. Because whenever Miley Cyrus undresses, the public seems to be upside down, even though every inch of her body has been known since her "Wrecking Ball" video.

The playful bosom of the stars - in the gallery!

So it remains a phenomenon that can no longer be explained by the fact that she started her career as a child star and "Hannah Montana". She has recreated herself in the style of "Real & True" - as a whole new species in the music industry.

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