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Albert v. Monaco: Cannes boycott

The prince pouts

Prince Albert of Monaco pouts. He says he does not like the film " Grace of Monaco ", which will be screened for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival on May 14th. The princely family will therefore not participate in the opening of this cult festival, it said in an official statement of the Grimaldi Palace.

In the film with Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly and Tim Roth (Lie to me) as Prince Rainier in the lead roles, the family history of Grimaldis is distorted for purely commercial purposes, is criticized in the palace statement. It warns against the fact that the strip is referred to as a biopic and regret that directing and production, the content notes and suggestions for improvement from the Princely House would not have taken into account, it said in the official statement.

Already during the filming, Prince Albert had made clear his displeasure with the film. But - as a man of the trade - after all, his mother was a celebrated Hollywood diva - Albert should have known that all major film productions serve commercial purposes alone. That was and it is like that: First, the not too tight production costs and the princely star fees have to be recorded, then the director, book author hire companies and cinema owners want to earn ...

It is understandable that Albert would have been more pleased about a film that advertises in bright colors for Monaco and for his family. Only, he does not get something like this for free, he should have sponsored such a film, and he did so vigorously. But now it's the same song with Gracia, as recently with Diana. Even the film about the "Queen of Hearts" met with little interest in the Windsors. The princes William and Harry, hinting at the Diana strip with Naomi Watts, hinted that they would not be interested in the bean for a work of this kind.

Also there was therefore a world premiere (London, September 15, 2013) without royals. It remains to be seen whether both films will connect further parallels. In the worst case, this could mean that "Grace of Monaco" disappears from the cinemas as fast as "Diana", because in general there is currently too little public for such infusions of recent history.

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