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tina Special: KnittingInstruction: Bag


Photo: Lana Grossa

Size: before felting: circumference 110 cm, height 74 cm, after felting 1x): circumference 80 cm, height 45 cm plus handle

● Lana Grossa Feltro, (100% virgin wool, length 50 m / 50 g), 350 g in powder pink (Fb 70), color A in the counting pattern 400 g in blackberry (Fb 49), color B in the counting pattern,
● Knitting Needle No. 9
● 1 Henkel Lilly Art. 615238 in dark brown from Prym
● 1 magnetic closure to sew on Prym

Instructions 1:
Knitting tension:
Smooth right with needle number 9 is 10.5 M and 12 R is 10 x 10 cm square.
Smooth right in rows: In HinR all M right, in RückR all M left str.
Edge stitch:
The first and last M of each R in the color of the 1st or last M on the right or in the back-R left str.
see Knitting Pattern Tile Pattern I

Case front:
Follow with powder pink 52 sts and 4 sts. Cast on 5 sts at the end of the following row from the back and cast on 5 sts in the next row at the end = 62 sts. Then in the width the pattern 6x str, in the height the pattern 5x 1.-14. R and 1x the 1st-4th R wdh. Then cast off all sts with double thread (1 thread of powder pink and 1 thread of blackberry). From the 52 ground loops with powder pink again 52 M herausstr and 4 R smooth right str. Increases on the sides as above beschr work. The second bag part identical str.

Sew all threads. Close side seams invisibly in a stitch stitch. Turn the bag over on the left and sew across the open corners to make the corners more stable. Matt felt bag and let it dry. Then sew the magnetic closure inside about 3 cm from the upper edge to the front of the back piece. Sew the handle from the outside to the sides with a double twist.

Knitting tension:
Do a stitch test! Knit a 12 x 12 cm piece in the pattern of your chosen model. Then count out stitches and rows in the range 10 x 10 cm. If there are fewer stitches than indicated in the instructions, knit harder or take thinner needles (½ to full needle size). If you have counted more stitches: Try to knit more loosely or use thicker needles. Please note: knitting works differently. Therefore, the sample of stitching on the banderoles of wool should not be considered as binding. Moreover, these are always created on the basis of smooth right. For a perfect job, therefore, the stitch test in the desired pattern is a must.

Photo: tina

Counting pattern and explanation:

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