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Pillow with money present

  • 10 x 10 cm white cotton fabric
  • Gift ribbon with imprint (craft shop / department store)
  • Sewing machine with matching yarn
  • Iron
  • 2 large fabric handkerchiefs (eg

      from the flea market)
    • thin white satin ribbon
    • small mother of pearl button
    • fiberfill
    • scissors
    • sewing needle
    • pins

    1. Cut a 10 x 10 cm piece of fabric for the small pocket.

    2. Sew up the ribbon with imprint approx. 3 cm below the upper edge of the fabric.

    3. Turn all edges 1 cm to the left and iron.

    4. Center the bag on one of the cloth handkerchiefs.

    5. Quilt up the bag, leave it open at the top.

    6. Tie a small loop of satin ribbon and sew it on with the button in the middle.

    7. Place both handkerchiefs one on top of the other on the left side, poke them in place and mark a stitching line on the underside about 3 cm from the edge. Sew handkerchiefs along the stitching line. Leave an opening of about 6 cm.

    8. Fill the pillow and close the opening.

    9. Put money or another gift in your pocket.