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Yo: The simplest (and most meaningless) app ever

"Yo" - thanks to a new app we could hear that sooner.
Photo: Screenshot / iTunes Store

App wants to revolutionize communication in one word

No longer in the mood for long text messages? Tired of the WhatsApp history? Annoyed by the Facebook chat? Then the new app Yo is just right! We reveal what's behind it.

The app Yo (available here on the iTunes Store ) wakes your friends' attention by sending a "Yo". You're more like the Balloon Lips? Perfect, there is also a "YoYo".

Properly read: Here's just a simple function - sending the word "Yo".

The app, which was released on April 1, built the Israeli developer Or Arbel within a day. Today, according to Arbel, "Yo" has already taken in 50, 000 users and $ 1 million in VC money.

A clumsy "Yo" and ready? Founder Arbel thinks the idea behind his app has not arrived yet: "This is a whole new way of communicating with friends or family, who thinks it's just an app that sends 'Yo' misunderstands Rather, it's a new way to make an unobtrusive sensation, and we'll put an end to all the noise. "

In the app, events such as the World Cup can be added. At each goal a "Yo" will be sent. Arbel and his team are currently working on a blog button to inform readers about new articles. The corresponding notification? Sure, Yo!

Only 1, 000 characters on Facebook, then 140 letters on Twitter - and now only one word remains. Yo. Our conclusion: The meaning behind the Yo-App does not unlock us yet. And yes, our generation has more to say than these two letters.