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Supermodel Anja Rubik in a weird music video

Gold necklace, lipliner and fake fell: Anja Rubik in the music video "Chleb"
Photo: Screenshot

We show the clip with Mister D.

Naomi Campbell and Jay Z, Kate Moss and Elton John. George Michaels and actually every supermodel: fashion and music videos have always gone hand in hand.

But have you ever seen a supermodel riding polish rap lines on a giant badger? Anja Rubik does just that in the clip to "Chleb" by Mister D. Real oblique! We show the video.

The model Anja Rubik and the singer Dorota Maslowska make common cause for the Polish song "Chleb" (which means "bread"). And yes, guessed right, there are plenty of carbohydrates in the clip!

What is the music video about? Anja Rubik flies through the world and the universe with a plastic crown and a brown lip liner. Instead of haute couture flair, there's ghetto princess charm with a socially critical undertone - as well as delicious bread and cute dogs.

The whole Outsider video can be seen here:

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