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Michael Douglas admits mistakes

Michael Douglas believes the five years behind bars will save Cameron's life

Michael Douglas

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The 65-year-old actor considers the punishment his 31-year-old son must serve for drug trafficking to be appropriate. The star even thinks the harsh measure will finally wake Cameron. "My son has not been sober since he was 13. He would have died or someone would have killed him. I think he has a chance to start a new life and he knows that, "says Douglas. "The way I see it, it takes him a long time to regain his strength and make a fresh start. My son was a drug dealer. He tried for a while to kill himself. I can not tacitly accept his behavior. And despite all the mistakes and illness Cameron has, he is a great young man and I would not support him if I did not believe it. "The star of" Wall Street 2 - Money Does not Sleep "and his ex-wife. Ms. Diandra Luker was criticized by the judge for not having been there enough for the DJ and actor when he was a kid. She described Douglas and his ex as "distant and problematic" parents. The Hollywood star, who is now married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, now even admits to having made mistakes. In the US show 'Today' he admits: "I carry the full blame because I am a bad father was - if that means I was a bad dad because I ripped my ass off to push my career. When Cameron came, I was at the beginning of my career, and unlike most jobs, you have to travel around the world in the film business. So I was absent. "Douglas has two small children, Zeta-Jones, nine-year-old Dylan, and seven-year-old Carys. Meanwhile, he had become aware of the importance of being there for his own family. "My priorities have changed completely. My marriage and my family are now safe from my career, "he promises.