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Casual styles of imitation leather - plus: Tips to clean leatherette

Photo: Takko
  1. Imitation leather makes us shine
  2. Sporting buddy
  3. Nice shine
  4. Sunny friend
  5. Rock glamor
  6. Classic favorite
  7. Rocky accessories
  8. Synthetic leather clean - the best care tips

Imitation leather makes us shine

Whether jacket, skirt, pants or as a detail - this trend is amazingly versatile - and at the same time cheap! Deceptively real, he seduces us with shine and lightness.

Sporting buddy

Picture above: It all depends on the details: knit cuffs, chest pocket and small stand-up collar give the model a biker-style casual flair. The warm Cognacton harmonizes with many colors.

(about 40 euros, size XS-XXL, Takko)

Nice shine

Cuddly as a second skin, the pants in slightly shiny leather look. The side jersey inserts provide plenty of freedom of movement. Perfect with oversized sweaters.
If you are looking for sports leggings you will find a great selection here.

(about 50 Euro, size 42 to 60, order no .: 55069486110, Ulla Popken)

Sunny friend

Setting the tone: mustard yellow artificial leather makes the jacket in biker look the bright spot on gray days. Pretty: subtle colors like gray or dark blue.

(about 70 Euro, size 36-52, order no .: 3551210X, Klingel)

Rock glamor

Mini with maximum coolness factor: fitted model with concealed zipper and small slit at the back. Precious to the silky Tunkia, trendy with denim shirt inside.

(about 56 Euro, size 34-52, order no .: 26013, Bon'A Parte)

Classic favorite

Barely distinguishable from real leather: cognac imitation leather trousers in straight cut. She'll be outfitted with patterned tunic and wine-red Ancle boots, cutting-edge with a coarse knit sweater.

(about 20 euros, size 34-54, order no .: 91195095, Bonprix)

Rocky accessories

Ankle boot: The details set the course here! Decorative chain on the ankle and platform sole with profile. (about 39.95 €, size 36-40, Shoe4you)

Belt: The velor look in purple looks enchantingly noble. (about 29, 99 €, H & M)

Bag: Signal effect has the XL bag with shiny rivets. (about 69, 90 €, Fritzi from Prussia)

Synthetic leather clean - the best care tips

1. Stains on artificial leather can be easily removed with a Schmutzradierer (leather retailers or
Furniture shop).

2. To keep the artificial leather supple and soft: with leather balm (specialist retailers), which is also ideal for artificial leather. When applied thin, it prevents the material from drying out.

3. One thing you should absolutely avoid: Injuries with pointed and sharp objects, because these scratches you get, depending on the depth, not away.

Photos: Manufacturer

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