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Bad Drama DEADLY SELFIE: Four young people are dying because of a PHOTO!

What a terrible drama! Six people wanted to capture a beautiful memory with a selfie, but now four of them are dead.

Photo: Istock

Four people were killed in selfie shootings in a dam in southern India, including three teenagers. For the photo, six members of two families positioned themselves in the Paambaru Reservoir in Tamil Nadu State.

A 14-year-old slipped and fell into the water, followed shortly afterwards by four young women between the ages of 18 and 20, as the newspaper "The Hindu" reported on Monday. Only a 24-year-old managed to keep his balance and even save his 20-year-old sister.

However, the other four youngsters drowned, including the young man's wife, with whom he had been married only since September. The disaster happened on Sunday.

via DPA

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