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Video: Dog saves baby from abuse

Photo: Youtube / SavageNationLiberty

The four-legged friend showed the parents that something was wrong

Five months after Benjamin and his wife hired a babysitter, her dog was strikingly aggressive toward the woman. Time for parents to get to the bottom of things.

Shocked, the parents are listening to the recording that their smartphone is playing: their crying baby, a clapping sound, even louder cries of the baby. It sounds like pain screams. Benjamin and Hope-Jordan are horrified. What did the babysitter do to her seven-month-old son Finn? Without her dog, the parents might never have noticed the cruel act.

When the couple hired 21-year-old babysitter Alexis Kahn, they had no idea what this woman would do to her son. But after five months it quickly became clear that something was wrong. Each time Alexis entered the house, the family dog ​​became nervous, even aggressive towards the young woman. In part, Benjamin had to stop the dog from going to the babysitter. Why did the dog behave like that? The parents did not suspect anything good.

To get to the bottom of it, they hid an iPhone with recording function in the living room when Alexis was alone with Finn. What they heard at their return was terrible. The crying Finn and the aggressive words of the babysitters "Shut your damn shit" were just the harmless beginning. The parents realized that they had given their baby son into the care of a monster. Who knows how long their horrible deeds would have gone on without the attentive dog? But luckily he was the black quadruped a real hero.

Only a few weeks later Alexis Kahn was arrested and confessed her act. Her sentence: one to three years in prison. After that, of course, she will never be allowed to work with children again. The only consolation for the parents: The torments of their son may have saved the lives of another child. According to the parents show Finn no consequences of his mistreatment.