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Princess Caroline of Monaco: humiliation of ex

For five years he had shunned the public, now comes Ernst August of Hannover (60) back - and with a bang! The Welf Prince appeared at the Munich Oktoberfest surprisingly in the company of his lover Simona (26)!

Photo: Getty Images

In recent years, Ernst August was repeatedly caught with the racy brunette - but on the Spanish party island Ibiza! The Wiesn visit of the prince bargained so much more inflammatory: It was his first official appearance with his girlfriend - publicly he confessed to her now.

What a bitter humiliation for his still-wife Princess Caroline (57)! The German nobleman is married to the Monegasque princess for fifteen years. Since 2009, the two separate paths. Surprisingly, they did not draw a final line. Not even when the Guelph Prince suddenly had a new girlfriend by his side.

The guesswork that Caroline has not given him the pass to date is huge. Whatever! Ernst August's Love Outing shows: The cards have been reshuffled. And that could force Caroline to act.

Because actually she has no choice after this scandalous appearance: You probably only have the divorce!

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