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Do you know your secret complexes?

Psycho test

Does it sometimes happen that you are insecure or even mad at yourself when you do not score in flirting, in love, in your job? Use this test to find out what blocks you!


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Ego Training - Lightning fast!

1. Uncertainty Take a deep breath, straighten your shoulders, look for the look of your opposite and hold it tight.

2. DisappointmentPower yourself on endurance training (jogging, for example) or trampolining - to stimulate the release of happiness hormones.

3. Anxiety Stroke gently over the zone from the navel to the end of the sternum three times a day. This ensures a harmonization of the autonomic nervous system.4. Weakness Strengthen your psyche with a potassium cure (Schüßler salts, # 5, pharmacy).

5. DistrustInhale peppermint or rosemary oil (two drops on a tissue) - you can immediately think more logically!

6. Jealousy Train in front of the mirror your appearance, your charisma, confirm your "market value" with small flirts. 7. Shyness Imagine your opposite naked. He / she instantly shrinks to a healthy normal.