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Justin Bieber again with Taylor Swift on the stage

Joint appearance today, hopefully without a broken leg

Justin Bieber / Instagram
Justin Bieber is terribly upset because his weekend is full of gigantic gigs, which let some memories in him wake up: Before noon 700, 000 fans, he will perform on Sunday for the second time in London's famous Wembley Stadium. Whoever manages to get there on stage has made it as a star, that's well known. But one more day before, at the Gilette Stadium in Massachusetts, there is another revival: there he will perform with Taylor Swift, which will also be a premiere for the two teen idols. Already in November he was with Taylor at the Wembley -Arena occurred, at that time still as its Vorband. On his last song One Time he stumbled and broke his ankle while falling. The proof that the sweet Justin Bieber is hard to take: He finished the song, but then hobbled before the encore in the backstage area and was hospitalized. His colleague at that time gives him high praise for so much professionalism, but this time asks him but to leave the foot completely. Then it should also work with the encore! Here you can see the video in which Taylor and Justin talk about the incident:

Once he stumbles on the stage, then he runs repeatedly against the door. What do you think Justin Bieber is a bit jerky? SE Even more star news on JOY Online >>

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