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Son takes a picture and helps Mom to accept herself

Photo: Bridgette White /


Bridgette's first reaction to her son's snapshot is a shock. But then the mother of two begins to see herself with different eyes.

Hard to believe that such an everyday situation can change the self-perception of a person so far. But Bridgette's story is real. She describes herself on her blog.

Nothing out of the ordinary: Bridgette enjoys a relaxing day at the lake with her daughter and son. As she is taking a nap, the boy takes a picture of his mother. Why? Because his mother is so relaxed there!

However, when Bridgette later discovers the image on her cell phone, she is shocked. She finds the picture terrible and does not consider herself here as relaxed, but as completely finished and unsightly. Bridgette tells her son he should ask her first if he wants to take a picture of her. The boy agrees with his mother, but not without telling her how nice he finds her in this snapshot.

When her little daughter joins in and Bridgette also assures that she thinks the photo is great and even wants to use it as a postcard, the mother of two is deeply touched. She begins to think about her self-perception.

Like so many of us women, Bridgette does not see her merits and qualities, but first and foremost perceives her stigma. It often falls into oblivion, what she has done so far in her life. Bridgette has two wonderful children for whom she tries to make everything possible. So that her little ones do not burn their feet on the hot sand, she carried them on the lake that day. Then you can calm down for a few relaxing minutes and do not think about his appearance.

The most important insight Bridgette has gained from her son's photo is that she no longer hates her body. She has learned to accept herself. "Hats off!" we can only say. Bridgette has earned our respects.

You want to know more about what Bridgette thinks about the photo and himself? Then you are on the right place on your blog.