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Foliage decoration: Foliage becomes the main actor in autumn

Photo: deco & style
  1. In bright colors
  2. Leaf decoration - Luminous branches
  3. Leaf decoration - leaf rain in the window
  4. Blossom decoration - pictures with dried leaves
  5. Flower deco - daisy wreath

In bright colors

The leaves in the forest rustle so beautifully on our shoes! But actually we do not only want to admire the great color splendor in nature, but also to enjoy it at home! No problem, we thought and collected the most beautiful leaves from the ground. But what to do with it in your own home? Here are our six top ideas for gorgeous foliage decoration.

Leaves - deco - ornamental apples in the leaves shell

You need: 2 matching glass bowls (eg from Karstadt), some dried leaves of suitable size in yellow, eg chestnut leaves and others, apple (eg the variety "Glostar")

Here's how it works: 1. Put bowls into each other.2. Place the dried leaves between the glass dishes.3. Polish the apples with a cloth or kitchen paper and place them in the inner dish.

(Glass bowl: department store (eg Karstadt) Glass: Leonardo)

Leaves Deco - Luminous branches

What you need: vase, 1 bare branched branch, some colorful, very strongly pressed autumn leaves, gold wire (craft shop,, roll from 2, 99 Euro)

And this is how it works: 1. Fix the leaves with gold wire at the branches with a fine wire winding.2. Put the branch in the vase.

(Glass bowl: Esprit. Plate: Butlers. Small vase: Leonardo.) Table: Car self-made furniture;; round telephone table, model "HOTINTR", untreated; Price: 139 EUR large vase: own prop)

Leaves Deco - Leaves Rain in the Window

What you need: Transparent sewing thread (eg from Rayher, craft shop, about 2 euros), dried leaves, adhesive strips (eg from Tesa), crimp beads in gold (eg Knorr Prandell, craft store, approx. 1.50 Euro), seed beads in white, yellow and orange (eg from Knorr Prandell, about 1.50 Euro), pearl mix (eg of splendor, craft shop, about 2 euros), scissors, pliers

Here's how it works: 1. Cut off pieces about 40 cm long from the transparent sewing thread.2. Attach the sewing thread to the back of the dried leaves with adhesive tape.3. Thread a crimp bead onto the thread, squeeze it with the pliers. Then first seed beads, then thread larger beads. Then thread again seed beads. After approx. 4 cm attach the next crimp bead and continue working to the desired length.

Leaves decoration - pictures with dried leaves

You need: autumn foliage (here oak and maple), thick book or flower press, frame, glue stick, tape, nail, hammer

And this is how it works: 1. Dry the leaves z. In a thick book or a flower press (about 2-3 weeks) .2. Lightly brush the leaves with glue stick, just in one place. Then glue the sheet to the glass of the picture frame.3. Clamp the glass with the glued sheet into the frame. Fix with either the provided fixing materials or a good adhesive tape.4. Hang frame according to wall conditions.

(Tealight in Mint: Car furniture; set of 3 14, 50 Euro)

Leaf decoration - door wreath

What you need: 0.3 m pannesamt in different shades of red and brown (department store, meter about 7 euros), 0.5 m Vliesofix (department store, meters about 6 euros), stencil leaf motif (eg., Rayher 7 euros), chalk pen (department store), birch wreath (deco shop, about 12 euros), wide satin ribbon in cream (department store), scissors, iron, hot glue gun and hot glue

And this is how it works: 1. Cut two 30 cm x 50 cm pieces of pannesamt one color at a time. Cut Vliesofix to fit and place between the two pieces of fabric left on left side, iron according to manufacturer's instructions.2. Place template on the fabric. Trace approx. 25 leaves with the chalk pen and cut out.3. Fix the leaves to the wreath with hot glue.4. Hang the wreath on a wide satin ribbon and glue a velvet sheet on top.

LOVE ADVICE Tip: Attach satin ribbon to the top edge of the door with double-sided tape or 2 thumbtacks.

Leaves Deco Lamp Foliage Look

You need: flower press, all-purpose glue, leaves from the forest, lampshade

And this is how it works: 1. Collect leaves from nature and squeeze them at home with a flower press (also works with paper and thick books). Allow to dry well. Take a lampshade and glue the pressed sheets on the inside.

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