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The dining area in the center moved

Photo: Living idea

Before, afterwards

French country house atmosphere in the dining room.

Previously, a table for four people stood across the window. The room in front of it remained unused. Now, a white glazed wooden table fills the room and brings sociability to the center. Up to eight people can sit and like to stay long because the Loom wicker chairs have comfortable upholstered backrests. The new, U-shaped lightweight wall framed the open cabinet in the country house style.


Minitish in front of the window.


Instead of minitish in front of the window, the table moves into the middle of the room. The new lightweight wall creates space for the cupboard.

Manufacturer: Chairs "Opera", each about 650 Euro: Accente. Cradle "HOTIW200", 79 x 90 x 200 cm, approx. 700 Euro, cabinet "HOSCWV2TSL", 211 x 38 x 79, approx. 340 Euro Car. Hanging lamp "Mast", 381 Euro: Vibia. Lightweight wall panels: Knauf Gypsum. Wooden blind, 70 x 250 cm, approx. 340 Euro: MHZ. Solid wood flooring "Viva Antica": Joka. Table runner, about 20 euros: La Mesa. Tea Towel: Leitner. Lantern: Mirabeau shipping.

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