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Stefanie Hertel: Is her friend a reason for the transformation?

Stefanie Hertel says: "Folk music can also be modern"
Photo: Facebook: Stefanie Hertel

Suddenly she gives herself so freely ...

The singer is hardly recognizable. Something must have happened!

That's how we have never seen Stefanie Hertel (33). During a video shoot to her new album "Moment mal!" (From 15 February), the singer showed up wearing red pants and cropped blouse. Most of them know her as a young woman in traditional dirndl.

Since the separation and later divorce of husband Stefan Mross (37), the singer seems transformed . First the sensational performance on "Let's Dance", now the current photos. Also on her new album cover she shows herself in cool dirndl in front of a hot "Harley-Davidson" motorcycle. This picture says more than words!

Is her friend Lanny Isis (37) responsible for the transformation ? Because with the rock musician, who lived in America for a few years, she already turned on her motorbike through her adopted homeland, the Chiemgau, discovered herself anew.

And what does Stefanie say about the change? "Many saw me only as a good folk music girl. I wanted to change that and break the stereotype. Folk music can be fresh and modern, just as I see myself. "

With her new life, the singer is completely satisfied: "I feel totally free and good at the moment." Definitely also because she finally only does what she likes.