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Man kills his wife, a colleague and himself after a spider bite

Photo: Gautier Police Department

Rampage in Cleveland

It sounds like a bad horror movie: Shannon Lamb kills first his wife, then a colleague and then himself. And all after being bitten by a spider.

Shannon Lamb, geography professor, is bitten by a spider. His face swells, his blood levels worsen. And his good mood is also decreasing. The 45-year-old is increasingly struggling with health problems, withdrawing more and more. "He was bitten by a spider, his cheek was swelling, and Lamb was struggling with an increasing anxiety disorder and disillusion, " the police chief explains. "He worked only 6 hours a semester - online." A depression as a motive?

He said he did not want to kill his wife. He had wanted to kill himself, his wife had intervened, then a shot had fallen. Shannon Lamb calls his mother after this first act, tells her about it. From his second act - no question. He would now drive into a forest and kill himself, he did not want to go to jail - so his last words. And he should have apologized to his mother. For his terrible deed and everything that would follow.

A few hours later Lamb shoots Ethan Schmidt, a colleague and father of three. "We do not know why Lamb killed Schmidt, we can not find a motive, " said the police chief. We're still at the beginning of our investigation. " " Lamb was obviously plagued with fears and barely had social contacts. (...) But it is too early to make a strong judgment. It is also possible that Lamb and his wife planned a joint suicide. Further investigations will show it. "

Before Lamb killed his colleague, he alerted the police. He said he murdered his wife. When Polzei arrives a few minutes later, they find not only the dead woman but also a farewell letter: "I'm sorry, I wish I could undo what happened, I loved Amy very much and she's the only person, too has given me. "