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Cute Husky hybrid: puppy learns to cry!

Photo: Screenshot / CutiesNFuzzies

Yowl like a big one

This cute puppy is just learning to howl. His master makes it the Husky hybrid exemplary!

As a child of an Alaskan Malamute and a Siberian Husky, the little half-breed is in itself very pretty. His tentative howls, however, crown the cuteness!

The puppy is just three weeks old when his young master decides to teach him to howl . To show him how it's done, the boy howls before. Who thinks the puppy would not react, is wrong: In fact, the small Husky hybrid imitates his master promptly.

From the tiny snout comes a thin, high-pitched noise that goes straight to the heart of the viewer. The little puppy enjoys it and does not stop his tentative attempts. What sounds impressive and scary to wolves is, in the case of the puppy who still learns to howl, only cute so far.